About Us: Leadership

By cultivating strong business skills in China and forming a vehicle for successful Intellectual Property based drug development over the past 12 years, Cinkate has created a productive business model. Using the lessons learned and resources gained in this period, Cinkate sees the opportunity to dramatically grow its business in China.

Although Drs. Williams and Xiao began Cinkate with little formal business experience, they, and the Company's senior managers and supporting staff, have adapted and evolved into an experienced, competent, motivated and well-organized management team. Dr. Williams' reputation on the medical, research and academic side, and Xiao Fei's Chinese contacts, understanding of Chinese culture, business acumen, and ability to recruit proven managers with international experience, combined to form a strong management team. Over the past twelve years Cinkate has established a notably successful presence in the pharmaceutical industry in China and has won the respect of Chinese regulators, healthcare professionals, academics, and competitors.

President : James W. Williams, MD, has been involved in organ transplantation since 1978. Dr. Williams was one of the early pioneers in organ transplantation in the US, starting the second major liver transplant program in the US in 1980. His contributions to defining the details of liver allograft rejection and early allograft dysfunction were pivotal to improving the success rates of transplantation. His group has defined the unique features of leflunomide in the laboratory and validated these observations in clinical practice. Work from his group suggests that this novel approach to controlling allograft acute and chronic rejection also reduces the risk of viral infection in immune suppressed patients. In addition to the advances in patient care, Dr. Williams has trained and mentored a number of young surgeons from China who have returned to China and are running major kidney and liver transplant programs there.

Chief Executive Officer : Xiao Fei, MD, received his medical education in China and went on to specialty training in surgery for liver diseases. He came to the US in 1989 for advanced training in liver transplantation surgery with Dr. Williams.   Dr. Xiao played a key role in developing a productive microsurgical laboratory, which has generated most of the basic leflunomide related transplantation data. His language skills (fluent in English and Mandarin), his knowledge of the Chinese customs and practices, his experience in dealing with the regulatory structures in China and his negotiating skills account for much of Cinkate's progress to date in China. His track record has been remarkably strong as evidenced by the prompt completion of the pre-clinical studies, their review by the New Drug Review team, and the approval of the NDA occurred within 36 months, approximately one-half the time usually required for this process. Cinkate's implementation of a novel post-marketing study of Airohua® has recently received FDA recognition and commendation for his efforts.

National Sales Director : Xiao Hui. After graduation from Tianjin University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering, Ms. Xiao worked for Ministry of Health of PRC for several years. In 1992 she began study abroad and gained MHA at Rush University in Chicago. On return to China, she joined GE (China) in their Medical Systems Division, gaining valuable experience in corporate management and government relations. Joining Cinkate in 1996, Ms Xiao helped to set up Cinkate China Representative Office and assisted Xiao Fei, CEO of Cinkate, to carry out the registration work for Airohua (Leflunomide Tablet) and execute its launch. Following Airohua’s entry into China’s market in 2000, Ms. Xiao took charge of its sales in North China, as North China Regional Sales Manager and helped guide the aggressive growth of this product in North China. Through a series of well deserved promotions she has become National Sales Director and one of China’s outstanding young managers.


The Cinkate Team in China

Cinkate has 14 branch offices across China with a sales force of 95 and marketing team of 8, all of whom are physicians. The total number of employees (excluding those involved with drug production in the JV) is 140.

Cinkate Team, January 2009