About Us: Corporate Overview

Cinkate Corporation, an Illinois chartered corporation, was established in 1994 with a focus on drug development in China.. The name of the company, Cinkate, comes from the names Cindy and Katie, daughters of the company founders. Pronounced in Chinese, Shinkei, means "wonderful victory".

In the early 1990’s, the founders of Cinkate felt that China was set to undergo profound economic, political and cultural changes. The Central government of China had recognized the indispensable need for outside investment to quickly modernize China and this realization was to have an effect on China that would likely be more revolutionary in outcome than the "Liberation" wrought by the Communist Party and Mao Tze-tung in 1949. Occurring in the midst of the evolving computer, information and mass communications era, these changes and the inevitable governmental impact on them, would be fully visible so that a closed society would no longer be possible. This more open environment, on the background of the lessons that both the government and the Chinese citizenry gained from the events in Tiannamen Square in 1989, we thought substantially reduced the risks of investment capital in China.

In a re-statement of the obvious, we felt that two conditions were needed to establish a successful pharmaceutical company in China: respect for intellectual property regulations and an economy that could afford the R&D imposed costs of advanced pharmaceuticals. We felt that the economy would need about 15 years of economic growth to provide a nucleus of customers similar to a major European country and perhaps 20 years to reach the size of Japan. We felt that compliance with intellectual property law would be enforced in the pharmaceutical industry well before it occurred in the other high tech industries because regulatory requirements inherent in drug production create a very visible paper trail required of all participants.

As a hybrid domestic/Western company, Cinkate has developed its own “Cinkate Culture” to foster the development of professionalism and its own brand of administrative skills unique to this environment. These are the skills needed for the melding of Western and Chinese practices. These skills are reflected in Cinkate’s track record: launch of new Class I New Drug within four years of attaining IND; preservation of market exclusivity for more than five years in a contentious environment; becoming profitable and debt free within three years of product launch; building an academically respected company, cited by Chinese FDA for exemplary behavior; establishment of promising pipeline of several products in both clinical and pre-clinical development; training and retaining key personnel throughout the company. This series of accomplishments is accompanied by revenue and profit growth of more than 40% annually since 2001.

Thus, Cinkate established itself as a hybrid foreign/domestic pharmaceutical company, developing strong business skills in China, forming a vehicle for successful IP based drug development, generating strong ties with the academic communities and maintaining a productive link with the US. It is through this synthesis of business and academic models that Cinkate serves the Bridge function.                

Encouraged by success in Leflunomide, Cinkate is expanding its pipeline to include more autoimmune suppressive products. We also are expecting to initiate a number of collaborative drug development projects in China over the next five years. These will combine strategies aimed at marketing the products in China as well as the generation of clinical data useful in applications in the US and Europe.